Cheeky Kids is a site dedicated to celebrating the craziness of parenting and working with children. It is authored by Sarah Aiono, a doctoral student with Massey University, a homeschooling Mum and Education Consultant with Longworth Education Ltd.

Sarah holds a B.Ed (Dip Tchg), PGd.Dip.Ed (Dist) and a Master of Education and has worked for over ten years with children exhibiting challenging behaviour. She is an Accredited Incredible Years Facilitator and Peer Coach. Sarah, as an Education Consultant with Longworth Education, works hard to advocate the importance of understanding the way in which children learn best from a developmentally appropriate perspective.

Longworth Education provides professional development workshops and in-school support assisting schools to establish authentic play based learning environments reflective of the wealth of research and evidence associated with what works best for children and their learning.  Longworth Education promotes child-directed learning and supporting children to take risks and learn in the moment. It advocates a getting back-to-basics approach with children at a time in our world when children are living in a fast-paced, materialistic environment where childhood is struggling to exist in its purity.

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