Three Old Guys and Today’s Education System, by Sarah Aiono

An article I contributed to this week for Save Our Schools NZ. Something I am working hard to support teachers on at the moment – to not forget all their training and knowledge in the face of national standards pressure.

Save Our Schools NZ

One of the most profound impacts I have observed in the introduction of National Standards is the impact they have made on evidence-based teacher practice.  By introducing chronologically based levels of attainment, today’s current education system has, in effect, discounted the myriad of historical and ongoing research that cannot be disputed when it comes to knowing how children learn and what works best in teaching.

Of course I wanted to understand how to teach children and how to help them make progress with their learning – but hearing about what these old guys thought back in the early part of the 20th century did not particularly seem relevant to me at the time.

As a young teacher-trainee I despaired during my lectures on Human Development and Education 101 when all we seemed to hear what theorist after theorist on how children grow….milestones….scaffolding….stages and schema.  What I wanted to know was…

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