Negotiating World Peace with One Eye Open

I was not prepared this morning to be negotiating world peace between my 3 and 6 year old at 6.32am. What I had hoped for, in making a blanket ban on visiting Mum and Dads bedroom prior to 6.30am was a rare, uninterrupted sleep in. Instead I was woken by both children at various times leading up to 6.30am requiring many reminders about the new rule and a redirection back to bedrooms to ‘rest’ in bed (due to the adamant statements that they couldn’t possibly go back to sleep), or to read quietly and not disturb their brother/sister. Collapsing back into bed I quickly dozed feeling positive that this new approach would eventually reward me with the highly valued sleep in.

But when I heard an ear splitting yelling from my slumber at 6.32am, my body went into action leaving my brain firmly in doze state. It wasn’t until I was standing in the doorway of my daughter’s room, with one eye open viewing the folded arms and sulking face of my daughter that I really needed my brain to join my body in the moment. My 3 year old was a ball of fury, ready to throttle his sister. World-peace negotiator hat on (with brain steadily making its way into action mode) I managed to separate the two to their respective corners/bedrooms. Fortunately, in the time it took for my 3 year old to ‘calm his body’ (my brain was functioning enough to remember this new cue we are using to teach anger management) my brain had caught up and my other eye had opened. Thankfully, the remaining moments were managed in a way that the episode ended in hugs and kisses between siblings, with new ideas spilling forth for activities to engage in together. All agreed we were best friends again……but by the time it had taken to had reached consensus, my brain was so ready for action there was no chance of it ever returning to its sleep state. So the day began, breakfast duties commenced……and peace reigned once again in the world.