What Shall I Do With The Others?

Food for thought for the transition to school…..

Bugs, Birds and Boots

This post has been inspired by two things. Firstly, it is now six months since Longworth Forest opened and those six months have taught me a lot about how children learn and how we should be teaching. Secondly, on my bookshelf I have kept, what was once, a very handy little booklet published by The Department of Education in 1963 called What Shall I Do With The Others?

It is always interesting to re read old education texts. They can often show how far we have wandered away from our basic understanding of child development. In 1963 and the following twenty years it seems that Teachers were constantly being reminded of the need to acknowledge that five year olds still needed plenty of time for “free expression”, play and rest.

“What Shall I Do With The Others” offers a chapter on The Organisation Of The Day. Every day started with…

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