Dear Parents

Dear Parents,
One day your child will be in school, real school some like to say
Where they sit at a desk, stuck in a chair and can’t go outside to play
There will be homework to do, lessons to learn, not enough time in the day
And you will look back on their early years and long for when they could “just play”
Yes play is the business of childhood
Play is what they have to do
In order to learn how to live in this world
They are practicing at being you
Every moment they’re learning
Even throwing and catching a ball!
Making mud pies, going on walks,
Helping a friend when they fall.
Play is much more than we realize
Play is far more than it seems
It goes beyond counting and numbers
and far beyond just ABC’s
If play is the purpose of childhood,
Then children should play all the time!
So let’s let the children be children
Before they leave childhood behind
~Gemma Medina


One thought on “Dear Parents

  1. Sarah, this is so appropriate for parent education! I am loving it and thinking about sending it out in a newsletter for the team re our discovery time, inquiry learning and incredible years!!! Thanks for sharing.

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